Rabbit Anatomy Highlighted with BriteVu

May 12, 2019 Off Comments in Non-Human Mammals
Rabbit Anatomy Highlighted with BriteVu

European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) anatomy highlighted with BriteVu.  Rabbits are found throughout nature, research and as popular pets.  Records from Pliny the Elder in the first century BC note keeping rabbits. These and other records suggest rabbits have been with humans for over 2000 years.  Even with the long history of keeping rabbits, we still have a lot to learn about their anatomy and care.  This whole body BriteVu perfusion beautifully highlights the vascular anatomy of an adult, intact, female rabbit. Both BriteVu and BriteVu Enhancer was used for this study.

Anatomy is a basic science.  By understanding anatomy, we can more readily recognize the abnormal.  Studies such as this, help researchers understand how to better recognize and treat diseases in animals.  This rabbit was scanned using the Epica Vimago scanner at 200µm.

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Rabbit head perfused with BriteVu contrast agent.

Inside look at the rabbit with BriteVu

Rabbit perfused with BriteVu contrast

Adult female rabbit perfused with BriteVu providing whole body vascular contrast.