Common Tenrec Anatomy BriteVu Study!!

May 12, 2019 Off Comments in Non-Human Mammals
Common Tenrec Anatomy BriteVu Study!!

Common tenrec (Tenrec ecaudatus) vascular anatomy as seen with BriteVu. Study conducted at University of Nevada Las Vegas.  Tenrecs are unusual mammals with unique physiology and anatomy and originate primarily from Madagascar.  Dr Frank van Breukelen and his team at UNLV are the leading researchers studying these strange animals.  This tenrec is the first ever to undergo a whole body BriteVu contrast perfusion.  Further, this project was a collaborative effort between UNLV, Touch of Life Technologies and Scarlet Imaging.  The resulting digital data helps researchers find to new discoveries relative to anatomy and is fast becoming a means to study animals of just about any species.  The tenrec was scanned on an Epica Vimago CT scanner at 200µm.  Images courtesy of Dr Frank van Breukelen, University of Nevada Las Vegas ( and Touch of Life Technologies, Aurora, Colorado.

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Lab Animal article by Ellen Neff.

Whole body tenrec anatomy rotation with color.

Whole body tenrec anatomy rotation black and white.