Unparalleled research contrast agent


BriteVu, Scarlet Imaging’s first product, is an unparalleled research contrast agent. BriteVu is easy to use, has high radiodensity and penetrates to the capillary level. Using radiographs or CT, researchers can study a subject’s vascular system with incredible detail. BriteVu can also be used to study the respiratory system, body cavities and other non-vascular systems of conceivably any animal.  Additionally, BriteVu can be used to perfuse small spaces (1-5 µm) of mechanical and other non-animal structures for non-destructive CT analysis.


BriteVu was developed out of necessity. To achieve the research results I needed for my work, I had to invent BriteVu. In the process of testing currently available products, I realized that terminal contrast agents were highly toxic (to the researchers and environment), did not achieve the results needed (high contrast down to the capillary level), had short working times and were expensive. Additionally, researchers could not easily converse with existing companies. BriteVu was developed and Scarlet Imaging formed to address all these issues. Plus, when clients reach out to us at Scarlet Imaging, we respond in a timely manner to help solve their problems.


M. Scott Echols, DVM, Dipl ABVP
Scarlet Imaging, LLC


Competing products are far more expensive

Superior results

Penetrates capillaries with high radiodensity


Can be used with radiographs, MRI and CT, as well as in multiple animal species

Easy to use

Highly stable, safe and easy to administer