Bamboo Shark contrast study.

Mar 7, 2021 Off Comments in Fish
Bamboo Shark contrast study.

Bamboo sharks (Chiloscyllium plagiosum) are primarily nocturnal and live in Pacific and Indian Ocean coral reefs.  The bottom dwelling sharks are considered harmless and common in large aquariums.  A study was conducted between Sea World, the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific – Northwest and Scarlet Imaging to document the anatomy of this species.  Additionally, the veterinary team at Sea World and Scarlet Imaging worked to develop anesthesia and live agent contrast imaging doses for bamboo sharks.  The numerous stunning images of the shark soft tissue and vascular anatomy were generated and will be used alongside dissection and anatomic notations to produce an anatomy publication.  BriteVu and BriteVu Enhancer, Scarlet Tissue Stains and live contrast agents (iodine based) were all used in the study.  The sharks were scanned using the Epica Vimago at Epica Vimago CT scanner at 200µm slice thickness (  For more details about Scarlet Imaging products and services, go to

Contrast study with BriteVu video.

Contrast study with Omnipaque video.

Contrast study with Scarlet Tissue Stain video.

Contrast study with Bamboo sharks followed by CT scan.
Bamboo shark contrast study