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BriteVu® Arteriovenogram Contrast Protocol

*Exact protocol varies with the species/tissue being perfused

**Use humane procedures as dictated by approved Animal Use Committee and IACUC protocols

Possible Materials Needed:

  • BriteVu® in a Bottle
  • BriteVu® 170g
  • BriteVu® Special Projects
  • BriteVu® Enhancer
  • 9% NaCl, PBS or other physiologic solution
  • Heparin 1000 U/ml
  • Isoflourane (or Sevoflourane)/O2 anesthesia system or other acceptable general anesthetics
  • BriteVu® products
  • 14-26 gauge IV catheter or 21 to 25 gauge butterfly catheter
  • Small gauge (25-30) needles
  • Syringes (1-60 cc)
  • IV catheter line
  • Any small (3-O’ to 5-O’) suture material
  • Small dissection kit: mosquito hemostats, forceps, iris scissors, needle holders
  • Radiolucent tape (ie: 3M Transpore)
  • Tissue or ‘Super’ glue
  • Mixing hot plate
  • Beaker

Due to the significant variation between subjects and protocols, we recommend contacting us if not familiar with contrast perfusions procedures.