NPR Science Friday Features BriteVu!

Nov 16, 2017 Off Comments in Text posts
NPR Science Friday Features BriteVu!

NPR’s Science Friday has taken notice of what we’ve been up to!  A video feature produced by Luke Groskin, Beauty Beyond Skin Deep was released Nov 15, 2017. BriteVu was also highlighted on the Sci Fri video page. 

You can watch it here:

The video gives viewers a quick tour of BriteVu, its creator Dr Scott Echols and a taste of how the contrast can be used to advance science.  Images of different contrast perfused species are shown.  Plus a brief description of the perfusion process is provided.

Learn more about BriteVu.

Order BriteVu online.

Link to the NPR Science Friday interview with Ira Flatow.