Our research group used BriteVu to visualize cerebral blood vessels in rats down to the 50 micron level for use in developing a more complete finite element model of the brain.  The BriteVu solution was easy to prepare and perfuse into the vasculature, taking about 30 minutes start to finish to get the animal ready to scan.  CT revealed beautiful casting of vascular spaces whose high contrast images were easily segmented into a 3D geometry.  Scarlet Imaging’s president, Dr. Scott Echols,...

Stewart Yeoh

Department of Bioengineering, University of Utah

BriteVu is the best contrast agent I have ever used.   It is easy to prepare, reliable, and yields exceptional results.  Vasculature readily fills under physiological infusion pressures to become highly radio-opaque.  It has been a pleasure to work with the knowledgeable and friendly personnel of Scarlet Imaging.  I highly recommend both product and company.

Colleen Farmer, PhD

Department of Biology, University of Utah

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