Grouper (fish) perfused with BriteVu and BriteVu Enhancer

Jun 19, 2018 0 Comments in Fish
Grouper (fish) perfused with BriteVu and BriteVu Enhancer

Grouper fish (Epinephelus sp) perfused with BriteVu.  The composite image shows various layers of vasculature that lie beneath the dorsal fin (window on top), adjacent to the pectoral fin (window on bottom) and deep to the eye.  On the top, the perfused blood supply to the lateral line is seen coursing across the side of the fish.  On the bottom the blood supply to the intestines, liver and other vital organs is visualized through the skin and muscles.  Last, large vessels are noted just inside of and supplying the eye.  The cardiovascular system of most fish is poorly studied.  BriteVu contrast agent has shown tremendous versatility and can be used under numerous conditions such as when perfusing new species.  To date, BriteVu has been used to perfuse numerous fish species.  A protocol using BriteVu and BriteVu Enhancer was developed to perform whole fish perfusions in effort to study the vasculature.

The CT was taken with the Epica Vimago system at 200µm.  Individual organs can be removed for more detailed CT scanning, histology, etc.

Courtesy of Dr Ken Simmons.

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