Budgie BriteVu anatomy

Mar 8, 2021 0 Comments in Birds
Budgie BriteVu anatomy

The budgie (budgerigar, or common parakeet, Melopsittacus undulatus) is a beloved companion bird originating from Australia.  While several regional anatomy studies have been performed on the budgie, no comprehensive vascular studies have been completed to date.  This green wild type budgie represents the first full body contrast vascular study scanned at great detail.  This information helps scientists, anatomists and veterinarians better understand this bird.  Ultimately, we hope this information will result in better care for companion birds.  BriteVu in a Bottle was used for contrast and the bird was scanned at the University of Washington at 29 um with special thanks to Dr Alejo Rico-Guevara.  The data will also be used as part of bird feeding mechanism and Australian bird anatomy studies.  For more information about these and other studies, go to the Comprehensive Anatomy Research Project (https://www.avianstudios.com/comprehensive-anatomy-research-project/) and Scarlet Imaging (https://scarletimaging.com/category/birds/).

Budgie BriteVu study, micro CT scan image courtesy of Dr Alejo Rico-Guevara.  Anatomy research
Budgie BriteVu study, micro CT scan image courtesy of Dr Alejo Rico-Guevara

Budgie perfused with BriteVu and CT scanned video.

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